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It is much easier to master accounting than the multiplication table

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Accounting for business owners and individuals


The multiplication table

Bookkeeping is as easy as pie. A ten-year-old can master it in a couple of hours. Accountancy is based on elementary maths: addition and subtraction. There are only three couples of accounting fundamentals: revenues and expenses, profit and loss, assets and liabilities. Anyone knows how to add and subtract numbers, like everybody has an idea of profit and loss, revenues and expenses. Assets and liabilities are no more complicated than the above notions.


Driving at night with headlights off

There are hardly many people who dare to drive at night with headlights off, while blind finance management is considered quite acceptable for some reason. What are our revenues? What about expenses? How can we cut them? Are there enough assets available? What’s the deal with liabilities? What price level can we afford to survive? Only skillful accounting can provide answers to all of these questions as well as recommendations on what can be improved and how.


Training and software

In most cases, only one or two training sessions are required to obtain enough knowledge for proper bookkeeping or monitoring an accountant. It is as simple as ABC. One remote training session is only priced at 150 CHF (one hundred fifty Swiss Francs). If you like, every session can last up to three hours. Besides, we offer a one-year free powerful smart accounting application. Our app is compatible (for data import/export) with most software products by other vendors.

Bookkeeping as viewed by accounting software developers

The price of one training session (up to three hours) is 150 CHF