Full Financial Supervision

We provide complete accounting services based on our proprietary web-application with Artificial Intelligence technologies embedded

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What you get

All you need for your business


Up-to-date financial reports

Up-to-date reports are available in your web-panel. You can always keep track on how your business goes, where you spend and earn most.


Financial document Cloud storage

Once you have provided financial document to us you will never loose it. It is stored on our Cloud and always available to you online.


Payment and invoice management

You can easily keep track that customers pay you on-time and your payments are not due. Once you submit your payment or invoice in web-panel you'll never miss it's overdue.

Our service

How It Works ?

Accounting documents

You daily (or weekly) upload to our Cloud (using secure connection) all accounting documents (invoices, receipts, etc.) or send us paper documents via SwissPost.

Automatic processing

Using our software, OCR and Artificial Intelligence we create corresponding accounting entries which immediately become available to you in web-panel.

Up-to-date accounting data

Once your accounting documents are processed updated balance sheet and finacntial reports are available to you.



All communication with us is organized through web-panel which provides:

  • Secure online access to all your accounting documents in our Cloud
  • Keeping track if your payments and invoices are not due.
  • Always up-to-date balance sheet.
  • Financial reports whith cost/revenue structure.
  • Export of your accounting data to your preferred accounting application.
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We provide full range of accounting services:

  • Analytical accounting
  • Balances, Income Statement, Reports, Account Cards
  • Paychecks, hourly or monthly salaries, gross, net
  • Retained AVS / AI / IPG, AD, AINP, IGM, LPP
  • VAT Management (for Switzerland, customs, overseas services)
  • Tax declaration for juridical person and physical persons

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Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No, you don't. You'll have an access to all your data throug web-panel using any browser you prefer (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).


What happen if I decide to stop using you service?

At any time you can easily export all your accounting data from your web-panel. Then this data can be imported to your accounting software like Banana Contabilità.


I don't have a scanner. Can I use your service in this case?

Yes, you can. You only need to send us your accounting documents by SwissPost. We'll digitalize them ourselves and upload to our Cloud where they become available to you.


How Artificial Intelligence is used in the software?

Each invoice has following obligatory attributes: supplier, customer, payment due date, goods/services, amount. Recent researches in area of Artificial Intelligence allows automatically capture and validate all this data in invoices and based on it automatically create accounting entries thus reducing manual data entry and eliminating redundant operations.


Is it secure to keep our documentations in your Cloud?

The data you save to the Cloud is far more secure than it is on your own hard drive. Cloud servers are housed in warehouses offsite and away from unauthorized employees, and they are heavily guarded. In addition, the data in those servers is encrypted, which makes hacking it a laborious, if not formidable, task for criminals. Whereas a malware infection on your office computer could expose all of your personal data to cybercrooks, and even leave your files vulnerable to ransomware threats.


Select a Plan


CHF 350.00

Per month
  • 1 - 1'000
  • Operations per month


CHF 500.00

Per month
  • 1'000 - 2'000
  • Operations per month


CHF 650.00

Per month
  • 2'000 - 3'000
  • Operations per month

Sconti: CHF 50.00 al mese per il contratto per 2 anni (CHF 1'200.00 per il contrato) e CHF 600.00 all'anno per pagamenti annuali anticipati